Lilavati Hospital Bloom IVF Centre Mumbai launches the Digital Microscope Incubator, first time in Asia

Igniting a ray of hope among many infertile couples Lilavati Hospital IVF Centre today announced the launch of a revolutionary non-invasive digital microscope-Incubator that will boost IVF Success.

This new technology was launched first time in Asia. Former Miss World Diana Hayden unveiled this new incubator along with the gynecologists and infertility clinicians, Dr Hrishikesh Pai, and Dr Nandita Palshetkar.Miss hayden congratulated the BLoom IVF group lilavati hospital , which is helping infertile couples have children through their nationwide netwok of IVF centres.

Embryoscope Recently Liverpool Hospital in U.K. has introduced the Embryoscope. This machine was installed in our unit in Jan 2012. We are the first to introduce this machine in Asia.

The EmbryoScope™ is an IVF incubator with a built-in camera for automated time-lapse imaging of fertilized oocytes in a safe incubation environment from conception until the time of transfer. It is a system that integrates a multi-gas incubator, a microscope with an integrated camera shooting continuous image and an advanced software for the acquisition and subsequent analysis of all data relating to the development of embryos. It’s the only instrument in the world documenting with this flexibility all stages of the process, automatically, without opening the incubator : it therefore operates in a completely safe and non-invasive manner of transfer.

Miss Daina Hayden, Dr.Nandita Palshetkar and Dr.Hrishikesh Pai with the embryoscope

Prenatal sex determination & sex selection is illegal in India and not done here. It is a punishable offence.

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