One of The Best IVF Doctor in India - Infertility Specialist|Dr Hrishikesh Pai

One of the Best IVF Doctor in India - Dr. Hrishikesh Pai

One of the leading IVF specialists of India
Practicing IVF since 1991 (30 Years)
Medical Director - Bloom IVF Group with 8 IVF centres across India
Received 45+ awards
High success rate comparable to the West (40-50% live birth rate per attempt)

About Dr. Hrishikesh Pai

Dr. Hrishikesh Pai is one of the best IVF doctors in India. He has vast experience of 35+ years with thousands of cases performed in the fields of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility. He has been practicing as an IVF specialist, Gynecologist, and Obstetrician since 1991.

He is the Founder and Director of the Bloom IVF Group which has eight IVF centres all over India. Dr. Pai is also associated with Lilavati Hospital at Mumbai, DY Patil Hospital at Navi Mumbai and Fortis Hospitals at New Delhi, Gurgaon and Mohali Chandigarh.

In his lifetime, he received 50+ awards for his contribution to the field of infertility treatment and Gynaecology. He is one of the best infertility doctors in India considering the pregnancy success rate of 40-50%.

Dr. Hrishikesh Pai is a Gold Medalist in MD from Seth G S Medical College & K E M Hospital, University of Mumbai. He went on to complete his one-year Clinical Fellowship in Reproductive Biology from the Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia in 1989. He is practicing as an IVF and infertility doctor in India.

Furthermore, he did his two years Master’s in Clinical Embryology & Andrology from the Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, USA in 2006-8.

Here is a look at all the Innovations and the developments in infertility treatments he brought to the country.

  • Pioneered Assisted laser hatching in India
  • Pioneered the technique oocyte freezing in India
  • Pioneered the technique of spindle view In India
  • Pioneered the technique of freezing embryos with vitrification in India.
  • Pioneered technique ovarian tissue freezing in India
  • Introduced the technology of time-lapse incubators called embryo scope, in 2012 in Asia

Videos of Dr. Hrishikesh Pai

Dr. Hrishikesh Pai shares a special message on the occasion of World IVF Day, 2021. He shares his views, the journey of the IVF field, and insightful information for everyone.

Watch Dr. Hrishikesh Pai talk about his approach towards patients having repeated IVF failures in order to help them achieve pregnancy.

Dr. Hrishikesh Pai receiving esteemed Fellowship ad eundem of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, London, UK, FRCOG 2019 which is one of the topmost academic award for a Gynaecologist worldwide.

Watch Dr. Hrishikesh Pai talk about the power of egg freezing for women under 35 years who would like to conceive later in their life.

Dr. Hrishikesh Pai in conversation with RJ Malishka from Red FM on World IVF Week 2021. He shares his perspectives and shows how IVF can give hope for all the couples who are aspiring to become parents.

Dr. Hrishikesh Pai had a conversation with RJ Krutika from 92.7 Big FM on the occasion of World IVF Week 2021. This discussion has an aim to make all patients aware of IVF and solve all their doubts related to the field.

Areas of Expertise



Dr. Pai was also one of the first IVF doctors in India to perform Laser-Assisted Hatching (LAH). Here, a laser beam is majorly used to make a small hole in the outer layer of the embryo. This helps the embryo to hatch out and prepare to implant in the woman’s uterus.
Male factor Infertility

Male factor Infertility

Male factor infertility is the inability of a couple to conceive due to a problem associated with the male partner. It could be due to low sperm count, poor sperm motility, abnormal morphology, or blockage in the ducts that carry the sperm.
Recurrent IVF Failure

Recurrent IVF Failure

The failure to conceive after multiple IVF cycles is referred to as recurrent IVF failure. This can happen due to uterine abnormalities, embryonic, fibroid tumors or polyps, inflammation and infection of the endometrium or fallopian tubes or autoimmune factors.
Fertility preservation for cancer patients

Fertility preservation for cancer patients

Cancer treatment can affect a patient’s fertility. So young married or unmarried cancer patients who are going to start with their treatment have an option of freezing their embryos, eggs, sperm and ovarian tissue prior to their treatment. In this way, they can preserve their fertility. Dr. Pai pioneered the technique of freezing embryos and ovarian tissue in India.

PGT services for thalassemia, Down’s Syndrome & sickle cell anemia

Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) is used to test genetic disorders in embryos during IVF. Some people may have a history of genetic diseases in the family like thalassemia, Down’s Syndrome and sickle cell anemia and would want to make sure that they do not pass it on to their baby.

Patient Testimonials

We are really thankful to Dr. Rishma Pai who supported us in every possible way and timely took decision and done ceaserean delivery at Surya Hospital Santacruz.
Myself and my wife Sheena are forever thankful to Dr Hrishikesh Pai & Dr. Rishma Pai under whose guidance and great expertise we are blessed with the title of being parents and were safely delivered of our baby boy *Miraan*.
This is the most memorable events in our life,cause we spend lots of time,mental stability, &money We don’t have word to thanx Dr Priti & Dr pai ,but we feel that this day in our life is due to only Dr priti & Dr Pai.

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Prenatal sex determination & sex selection is illegal in India and not done here. It is a punishable offence.

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