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We are perhaps living in the pleasantest times of our lives, for, at long last, our dreams have come true. And every time we see our babies, we have to pinch and remind ourselves that parenthood has finally graced our lives and it is not a long cherished dream anymore! .

Looking back, when we started our marital journey more than 20 years ago, we never imagined the hardships that were in store on the road to becoming parents.

Time and again, all the treatments including the excruciating waits at various clinics in Bengaluru only ended up in disappointment. Finally with the advancing age, hopes of even adopting dashed due to the newest governmental regulations, we decided to take a "final" shot at parenthood outside of Bengaluru that is in Mumbai with Bloom IVF.
It is never easy to make this decision to travel for a cause after so many failures in Bengaluru, but in the end it proved to be the best decision we took so late in our lives, yet never too late. As it were, all the advice and course that Dr Pai, Dr Preethi and other staff provided and implemented at Bloom clinic of Lilavati proved to be both definitive and fruitful. The meetings with Dr Preeti in particular were swift and very professional and this helped ease our mental strain no less.
We almost succeeded on the first attempt itself but in the second attempt we conceived with a double bonus, having been blessed with twins, a baby girl and a baby boy who are now happily pushing into 8th month of their respective lives. Words won’t suffice to convey our gratitude and appreciation to Dr Pai, Dr Preethi and other staff who helped us become proud parents after such a gruelling journey in our married life.
Here is wishing Bloom IVF team all success in helping to bloom new life into the lives of couples like us.

Good afternoon everybody We are Mr.Abhay Aughade & Mrs Rupali Aughade from Airoli Navi Mumbai.

Married since 9 years. Initially known as Primary fertility , diagnosed with Bicornuate Uterus,then 3 consecutive failed IUI and almost consulted 8 to 10 doctors ,we lost hopes. But when I come to know about Dr . Hrishikesh Pai , I contacted through Dr. Priti and started IVF treatment. We are thankful Dr. Hrishikesh Pai and team.

We are really thankful to Dr. Rishma Pai who supported us in every possible way and timely took decision and done ceaserean delivery at Surya Hospital Santacruz. Now we are here with our baby Boy . We have been gifted the most awaited gift of our life.We have decided to name him AARUSH ( 1st ray of sun).We are really thankful to Dr. Hrishikesh Pai and team, special thanks to Dr. Priti bcoz of their efforts now we have started new innings of our life .
Once again we are really thankful to all who supported us to achieve our dream.

I am from Kutch Gujarat and had no issue for twelve years after my marriage.

Bloom IVF Group headed by Dr. Hrishikesh Pai and I tried various treatment from different doctors but in vain . Then I went to Lilavati hospital and consulted doctor Pai and doctor Preeti and took treatment according to them . I am really thankful and indebted to them and their team of experts for guidance. I got success from their treatment and now have twins. I strongly recommend their name to everyone who ever is passing through the same trauma which I went through . I am sure they all will get success .

Myself and my wife Sheena are forever thankful to Dr Hrishikesh Pai & Dr. Rishma Pai under whose guidance and great expertise we are blessed with the title of being parents and were safely delivered of our baby boy *Miraan*. Also we cannot thank enough Dr Priti Mala, Dr Shamim and Dr Naveena for constantly being our strong support and strength throughout the pregnancy, it’s because of you all that our child saw the first light of the day. You made our dream of having a complete family come true.

Res,Dr priti & Dr pai

This is the most memorable events in our life,cause we spend lots of time,mental stability, &money

We don't have word to thanx Dr Priti & Dr pai ,but we feel that this day in our life is due to only Dr priti & Dr Pai
We hope that our emotions will be reach to sir & madam
Atlast, very very thanx to all team of lilavati ivf center.
And last request madam please show the picture of my princes to team involve in process,
You All are most memorable person in our life.