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Spindle Check- All You Need to Know

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Spindle Check


For a healthy pregnancy, the sperm and eggs should be healthy and of good quality.

But how can one come to know whether the sperm and eggs are of good quality?

By the presence of a spindle! A spindle is a component of a high-quality egg that helps to ensure that the cells of the eventual embryo divide and align appropriately. Without a spindle, eggs are frequently of poor quality, with limited fertility and a higher chance of pregnancy loss. As a result, it’s critical to figure out which eggs lack a spindle and avoid using them during therapy.

However, how can one tell if the egg contains a spindle or not?

By doing a spindle check!

Spindle check is a sophisticated method that allows an IVF doctor in India to examine an egg, including its spindle position. The spindle’s placement is critical to the ICSI operation. The spindle may be destroyed if the sperm is inserted into the wrong place, rendering the egg unsuitable for IVF therapy. Before the eggs are injected with sperm, a very sophisticated microscope is utilized to check for the positioning of the spindle in the egg.

Without damaging the egg, this technique of detecting the spindle would not have been conceivable previously. Doctors use the spindle check to ensure that sperm is put into the correct location in the egg to avoid harm. Furthermore, because eggs lacking spindles can be excluded from the fertility therapy procedure, embryo quality improves. There is scientific evidence that eggs injected after the position of the spindle are checked have a higher chance of producing high-quality embryos.

Furthermore, when oocytes are frozen following the appearance of a spindle, which can only be done by utilizing the spindle check, the results are better. During the first meiotic division, chromosomal segregation errors in the oocyte are more common. Failure to resolve chiasmata between homologous chromosomes at anaphase I, abnormalities in the recombination process, and premature separation of sister chromatids are all possible underlying mechanisms.

The failure of sister chromatid separation is assumed to be the cause of MII mistakes. The meiotic spindle regulates chromosomal movement during the various stages of meiosis. Thus, it plays a crucial role in meiosis completion. Aneuploidy in embryos after fertilization, poor embryo development, etc. have all been linked to spindle defects in oocytes during meiosis.

By detecting oocytes at high risk for nondisjunction and thus avoiding injection of oocytes that have failed to fully arrange their meiotic spindle and have not attained full meiotic maturity, spindle check helps to prevent the birth of aneuploid embryos. By a spindle check, one can lower the risk of pregnancy complications and increase the chances of having a successful pregnancy.

So, spindle check is a technique that takes you closer to your dream of giving birth to a child!

Without a spindle check, you won’t come to know whether the egg is of good quality or not. You won’t even be able to identify the location of the spindle. This can affect your pregnancy and stop you from having a healthy pregnancy.

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Are you considering an IVF treatment in Mumbai?

Then do make sure your IVF doctor in Mumbai does a spindle check. This can prevent low-quality eggs, that do not have a spindle from getting selected for IVF treatment. Also, doing a spindle check at the IVF centre in Mumbai can help the IVF doctor know the location of the spindle.

This can prevent the sperm from getting injected into the wrong area and can protect the spindle from damage. And eggs with undamaged spindles are perfect for IVF treatment as they are of a good quality which means the chances for a successful pregnancy are more!

Spindle check is done at the best IVF centre in India.


Do you want to have a successful pregnancy?

Then spindle check is necessary! It helps to locate quality eggs and also helps to identify the location of the spindle. This helps in increasing the chances of pregnancy treatment and also increases the chances of giving birth to a healthy embryo.

So, for getting a spindle check done and to have a successful pregnancy, visit the best IVF doctor in Mumbai!

It is now time for your dream of giving birth to a child to become a reality!

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