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IVF Surrogacy and Infertility Treatment

In Ivf Surrogacy we can provide end-to-end solution for medical services locally as well as Internationally, with skills & higher success rate in Infertility. We are also specialized in getting required Egg Donor or surrogates to bring Happiness & satisfaction on your face.

Our Surrogacy agency who can provide you comprehensive services related to Searching for Surrogate & Surrogacy legal agreement,Surrogacy Treatment in Mumbai, embryo donor, IVF, ICSI, embryo freezing & other related things.

Why Surrogacy ?

The percentage of Infertility seen across many people across the world. Many of them can carry pregnancy but can not deliver child successfully. In early days, if you could not conceive a child “adoption” was only alternative.

Due to revolution in medical research “Infertility” treatment is boon for the childless couple. This best option for couples who are trying to have a child from long time. This is even great way to get a child for singles too.

Childless couples always fear possibility that the surrogate will change her mind about giving up the rights after child’s birth causing legal issues. We ensures that this kind trouble will never occur through is counseling & strict selection procedure.

Selecting Surrogate

In today’s world it is very difficult to find a person who can devote 9 months of life to carry child of somebody else. We ensures complete social, medical, emotional, economical condition analysis done before selecting a surrogate. We will take care of this important task through our donor database & subordinates.

Before confirming surrogate we will take care of following things

  • We will do complete background check with respect to family details, education & habits etc.
  • We educate surrogates about complexity of the task & complete procedure involved. Also counseling for surrogate and her husband's to understand them complete surrogacy program.
  • Surrogate mother will go through series of medical test & investigation (blood examination, infectious diseases, pap smear, genetic karyotyping, hysteroscopy, etc) required for infertility treatment.
  • Through fertility & Psychological evaluation will be carried out by respective filed specialist.
  • Detailed Legal agreement between surrogate mother & intended parent with all clauses like medical insurance, compensation etc will be taken care. Will make sure to complete signed off satisfying to both the parties.
  • We will take care for complete routines medical check up, nutritional and medications required during pregnancy along with accommodation.
  • Under guidance experienced obstetrician we will ensure successful delivery of baby & handover of baby with all post delivery test & legal proceedings.

Selecting Egg Donor

Selecting a “Egg Donor” for couple is important task as this involves emotional sentiments for coming child. We follows below parameter confirmation & follow strict procedure for selecting an “Egg Donor.”

  • Confirmation for no history of genetic disorders or medical problem.
  • Confirmation on clean criminal record & criminal tendency.
  • Complete confirmation on emotional needs and other expectations of the “Egg Donor”.
  • Intended parents specific requirements for matching “Egg Donors” complexion, height, eye color, hair color, or any other unique requests.
  • Qualification & behavior aspects of Egg donor.
  • Make sure that “Egg Donor” comply with the rigorous medication protocol.
Promises & Commitment

We will take care of end-to-end solution for getting healthy baby delivery for infertile couple.

  • Complete end-to-end solution on successful infertility treatment.
  • Accurately matching & getting the most perfect Surrogate Mother and Egg Donors for Intended parents.
  • Providing complete support on all legal documentation as well as keeping required communication confidential within Intended Parents & Surrogates mothers / Egg Donors.
  • Full co-operation on all logistic arrangements for out of Mumbai clients.
  • All financial transactions with proper receipts & confirmation.
  • Experienced qualified fertility clinics, fertility specialists, legal counselor and psychologists as required.
  • During pregnancy will take care of Surrogate Mother. This include medical checkup, medical insurance, medication, food, accommodation & full care till delivery of baby.
Surrogacy Legal Procedure

The legal agreement will be establish between “Intended Parents” & “Surrogate mother”.

  • This will include complete protection to surrogate mother as well as legal terms to take complete care of the baby.
  • Consent forms from Surrogate & spouse.
  • Legal agreement with monitory compensation with payment schedule.
  • Agreement as per guideline by ICMR with attestation & certificate of ART clinic.
  • Notarization of the agreement to make it registred.