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IVF Failure – Reasons and Tips to Cope

April 23, 2021
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IVF Failure

In-vitro fertilization (IVF) is an effective procedure that has assisted many couples in India, Mumbai who have difficulty conceiving. So, you might be perplexed as to why IVF fails even though it is thought to be successful.

Not every procedure comes with a promise, and the result of IVF is dependent on several factors. So before going for an IVF treatment, consult your IVF doctor in Mumbai and understand everything.

In this article, we will discuss some reasons for IVF failure and how you can cope with them.

Reasons for IVF Failure

Knowing that the IVF treatment failed gives you very little information on what went wrong. The triggers can differ based on a variety of factors.

  • Embryo Implantation: 

An embryo that has been successfully fertilized may fail to latch onto the uterus and implant.

  • Lack of conducive embryo:

During the IVF test, your doctor will not detect any viable embryos that may lead to a pregnancy. So, the procedure might get cancelled.

  • Failure of eggs to fertilize:

The eggs may fail to be fertilized by the sperm even before the embryo is formed. This may be due to problems with eggs or sperms.

  • Lack of healthy eggs:

The eggs must be of high quality for an embryo to develop. If healthy eggs are not obtained sufficiently, the odds of an embryo forming are slim to none.

  • An insufficient number of follicles

This is a form of IVF failure that occurs before the female partner’s eggs are collected. IVF cannot continue if there are insufficient number of eggs then more cycles may be needed to collect eggs for better success.

How to cope with IVF failure?

One part of coming to terms with IVF failure is by understanding the reasons. What matters most is that you deal with the loss and get back to normal as soon as possible. Some of the things that you can do to cope with IVF failure include:

  • Concentrate on activities that you enjoy

Make a list of all the things you love doing and cross them off as you go. Take a road trip with your parents, eat delicious meals, and do anything you want. Allow yourself to have the fun you deserve to distract yourself from your sorrow.

  • Have conversations

Most women experience IVF failures. Connecting with them, whether via an online forum or a face-to-face meeting, will help you express your feelings and thoughts. You can also find a friend who knows your situation and can encourage you. It is possible that expressing your emotions would make you feel better.

  • Practice self-healing

The body goes through many changes during IVF, and now it must get back to normal. Your first period might take a few days to come because your menstrual cycle needs to reset itself. When you get your period, be happy, it is an indication that your body is in good shape. Relax your mind and body by using acupressure or other relaxation techniques.

  • Make a long-term strategy

Looking at different fertility pages and blogs, as well as different conversations in forums, will help you get a clearer understanding of the choices available to you. It also allows you to look ahead to the future by devising a course of action if the other solution fails.

  • Stop blaming yourself for your failures

IVF success depends on several factors. You do not have to bear the entire burden of not being able to conceive.

When can you try IVF again?

Even if you do not understand why IVF with healthy embryos fails, it should not stop you from trying again. Allow yourself time to rest after the first IVF failure and schedule a check-up with your doctor. It would be best if you tried again after your body is back to normal and you are in a healthy social and emotional state.

When IVF fails, several couples in Mumbai struggle to figure out what to do next. The goal should be to concentrate on the results rather than blaming yourself. So, take a deep breath and anticipate a bright future.

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