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8 Things to Avoid if Trying to Get Pregnant

September 12, 2020
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Trying to conceive and thinking about having a baby is a big step in your life. It is a huge responsibility and requires better preparation. You need to prepare your body to achieve pregnancy and successfully deliver the baby. Here are some of the things you need to avoid if you are planning to get pregnant:

1. Avoid processed foods

Eating french-fries, fried onion rings, chicken nuggets, etc. tastes delicious. But while preparing to get pregnant, you need to have a healthy body. Consuming processed foods equals more inflammation in your body sometimes leading to lower chances of pregnancy. Make sure you eat healthy food such as fruits and vegetables to lower your inflammatory levels and get your body ready for pregnancy.

2. Avoid smoking

Smoking is not good for your sperm or egg cells. Cigarettes are considered as sperm and egg killers. Women who smoke regularly have a higher risk of having early menopause. Men who smoke have 13% less sperm motility which does not allow the sperm to reach the egg. Avoiding smoking will give you a better chance of pregnancy and will also help for future pregnancies.

3. Avoid drinking excessive alcohol

Excessive alcohol can reduce the motility of the sperm which can reduce the chance of pregnancy. It can also cause fetal alcohol syndrome if women do not avoid drinking while trying to conceive. Avoid being around people who will induce you to start drinking.

4. Avoid infections

One of the most important factors to be aware of when you are trying to get pregnant is to avoid high-risk foods such as unpasteurized dairy, uncooked meat, soft cheese, sushi, high mercury fish, etc. They can cause infections that can affect the fetus. They can even cause various complications like low birth weight, premature delivery, and in some cases, miscarriage. Make sure that you eat food that is properly cooked and have only pasteurized dairy.

5. Stop avoiding help

Fertility problems are a serious medical condition. Just like when people have chest pain or high blood pressure they go to the doctor, if you have fertility problems then do not hesitate to consult a good fertility specialist. Get a fertility screening in which you can check the fallopian tubes, uterus, sperm health, genetic profile, etc. Assisted reproductive treatments such as IVF can help you in achieving pregnancy.

6. Stop blaming yourself if you are not getting pregnant

There are many factors that are involved in achieving pregnancy. Human beings are the most inefficient mammals when it comes to reproduction. That is why it is called ‘human reproduction’ and not ‘animal reproduction’. You may hear people bragging all the time about how they got pregnant. That is great for them but the reality is most people actually have to try for about 6 to 12 months to conceive a healthy pregnancy. Getting the help of a fertility specialist will give you the diagnosis and information you need so that you can have a high chance of pregnancy with the appropriate treatments. So be nice to yourself and stop blaming.

7. Avoid stress

Stress is a word everybody hates. Everyone wants to avoid stress but it keeps pulling you back. It is essential to practice ways to cope up with stress.

Breathing exercises and meditation can help to deal with stress. There are many websites and apps which provide tips to overcome stress and enjoy a peaceful and happy life. Read and implement those ideas which you find easy.

Do whatever you can to declutter your life. Talk to your friends or a therapist if it helps. Improve your personal and professional relationships and spend time with your dear ones to feel better. This will help you big time in your pregnancy.

8. Don’t force yourself to attend baby showers

A lot of women who are trying to conceive become sad or get depressed when they see other women pregnant at the baby shower. For this reason, women do not feel comfortable to attend baby showers. If you are one of those, then don’t force yourself to go to such events. Your friends will understand and everything will be fine. So, put yourself first when it comes to baby showers and avoid going especially if you don’t want to go.

Consult a gynecologist if you are looking for information on achieving pregnancy. They will guide you properly on things you should do as well as avoid when trying to conceive.

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