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7 Tips For a New Mom

September 7, 2020
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Becoming a mom is like getting a brand-new job. The job that happens to be the hardest, the most emotional and the most rewarding. The new moms feel anxious or unsure about how to take care of themselves and their babies.

So here we have listed 7 tips which will benefit first-time parents:

1. Sleep when your baby is sleeping

This may seem hard to implement but it is necessary. Mothers get emotional when they are tired of taking care of their newborn baby, their family and managing household chores. Everything seems harder because the mother is so tired.

Newborn babies sleep for 14 to 16 hours but they wake in every 2 hours.

As an adult, we cannot sleep in this pattern. So ask someone to help you take care of the baby while you are taking a nap. Housework and visitors can wait, you just had a baby and you need to heal.

2. Listen to yourself and do what you want to do

When you become a new mother, so many people will give you suggestions about how you should take care of your baby. Your mother, relatives, friends will offer you advice. You might agree or disagree with some opinion. Rather than debating with people what wouldn’t work for your baby just smile, nod and walk away. Do exactly what you feel like doing and what you know is right for your baby. As a mother, no one knows your baby as well as you do.

You know that they don’t like to sit in a certain way, or they don’t like their milk in a certain way. No one else does, so go with your instinct.

3. Make like-minded friends

You need people’s support when you have a baby. Not just from family but people who are in the same stage as you. Friends that have babies at the exact same stage will help you to compare things. Join groups where women come together to share their experiences and help each other in parenting.

Not just that, you should hang out with people that will make you feel good and maybe have similar parenting styles. This can make motherhood so easier. With their help, you can come up with small ideas that can make your life simple.

4. Do not worry about your body or your figure

Mothers spend too much time worrying about how they can get back their normal figure. You just had a baby. It will take time for your body to heal and slowly you will get back to your original shape. You will have to work on yourself if you do not get back in shape after a year.

Till then, do not put pressure on yourself when you are taking care of your small baby.

5. Have one-to-one time with your baby

It is so exciting to have a new baby especially if it is the first baby in the family. So many people want to visit and see your baby. But it is also really important that you spend time with your baby. You will feel really nice to cuddle, talk to and sleep with your baby. Nothing can compare the feeling of holding your baby and watching them grow. Hence, it is important to have one-to-one time.

6. Take many photos of your baby

It may sound cliche to take photos of your baby but it is very relaxing and fun.

Babies change a lot in these early days. They change every single day. So, take many photos of them. You can put on funky or cute outfits and take pictures while they are sleeping or laying or crawling. It will be like a stock of memories for you.

7. It will get easier as time passes

Within 12 to 14 weeks you will get used to the routine of feeding, bathing, cleaning their poop and making your baby go to sleep.  The baby will get used to sleeping at the proper time.

Although it might be hard during the early days, it will get so much easier as time passes. So just go with the flow and enjoy your part being a mother.

Do not get stressed out on how you are doing your job as a mother. You are doing an amazing job. No one really gives you enough praise when you are a mom because they expect you to do things. It gets hard sometimes but it will be worth it.

If you want to know more about how you can take care of your baby as well as maintain your health, you can consult our Gynaecologist.

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